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With six World Champions on the grid, a 20-race calendar, and a sixth outing for the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas™ in Austin, Texas, the 2017 Formula 1™ season is going to be one to remember.

With Lewis Hamilton chasing a fourth title crown, it’s already looking like a classic season.

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Event Overview

Formula 1™ has come to be associated with not only sporting distinction, but also with glamour and prestige.

Set to the Stunning Background of the vista of the Texas countryside and the city of Austin, 24 cars will line the grid, engines screaming in anticipation, to capture the Champion’s crown.

Non-stop Racing is Guaranteed from the moment the drivers power up the signature 133-foot climb into Turn 1 – pulling almost 4g's - before heading into Turn 2 and a series of high speed corners. From there only the brave will win in the Lone Star State!

At Racing Speeds of Up to 220 mph, you have to be there to witness Grand Prix racing at its pinnacle and the skill of these expert Champion drivers as they jostle to overtake position in the fastest circuit-racing cars in the world!

The Very Summit of Automotive Technology, these sophisticated F1™ cars promise exhilarating action, proven through the deftly-navigated hairpin Turns of the purpose-built Austin Circuit.

And Don’t Forget the Amazing Pit Stop Action! The skill continues with the pit crew members as they swarm around the car, changing all four tires in a mere three to four seconds.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to mix and mingle with fellow racing enthusiasts, first-time adventurers, professional athletes, movie and TV stars, and recording artists; they are all here with no velvet ropes!

Continue your love affair, or fall in love for the first time with Grand Prix Racing – you’ll never look back!

United States Race Schedule

Non-stop racing is guaranteed from the moment the drivers power up the signature 133-foot climb into Turn 1 from the start-line – from there, only the brave will win in the Lone Star State.

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Insider Track Videos

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The Sport

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Hall of Fame

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