15 MotoGP™ Terms You Should Know Before Heading to Austin

We may be several months away from MotoGP™ Austin 2019, but we have every reason to talk about it! Before you head to Austin, there are a few MotoGP terms you should be familiar with. Get ahead and start learning these 15 terms now so that you can sound like an expert at the race.


The tightest point on a corner.


The size or capacity of a bike’s engine measured in cubic centimeters. Ex: 1000cc

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Dry Race

A race is determined as either dry or wet. A dry race has a track surface that is considered to be dry by Race Direction. In a dry race, teams will run slick tyres on their bikes.


The start/finish straight on the track where drivers line up in positions at the beginning of the race.


A very tight corner that is often U-shaped or V-shaped.


A crash where the rear wheel slides out from under the rider and then regains grip which flips the bike and rider over.

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Hole-shot means leading the race at the first corner.

Lean Angle

This refers to the degree at which a rider tilts his bike into the track. Many times, at maximum lean angle, riders’ knees and elbows will touch the ground.

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A left-hand corner where the rider turns left and leans his bike and body left towards the ground.

Low Side

A crash where the rear wheel or both wheels of the bike lose grip and don’t regain traction, which causes the bike to slip out from underneath the rider.

Pole Position

Securing the first starting place on the grid with the quickest lap in qualifying.


A right-hand corner where the rider turns right and leans his bike and body right towards the ground.


A rider follows another rider on the straight and uses the flow of air and machinery to build up momentum and overtake the rider.


Tires with no tread designed for road racing and made of soft compound to give the bike grip while maintain high speed.

Wet Race

A wet race is where certain climatic conditions affect the track surface and are considered to be wet.

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