About Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas, the second most populous state in the U.S. Austin is the fourth-largest city in Texas and the 13th most populous city in the U.S.

  • The greater Austin metropolitan area currently includes over 1.8 million people, and is the third fastest- growing major region in the nation
  • Austin is becoming a major technology center, leading to the region's nickname, "Silicon Hills.“ High-tech companies with operations in Austin include Dell, IBM, AMD, Intel, Apple, Google, Freescale Semiconductor, Samsung, and 3M
  • Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine named Austin the Number #1 Best City for the Next Decade.
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council named Austin one of its “2010 Smarter Cities” for the city’s investment in green power, energy efficiency measures and conservation

Forbes Magazine recently ranked Austin as the U.S. city best positioned to grow and prosper in the next decade

Texas is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the U.S., making it the perfect location for such a dynamic facility.

  • Second only to California, Texas ranks 2nd in economic strength in the U.S.
  • Texas is currently ranked the 15th largest economy in the world
  • 8.3% of the U.S. economy is comprised of Texas alone
  • Annually, Texas easily surpasses $1.3 trillion in economic output
  • As the largest exporter of goods in the U.S., Texas grosses more than $100 billion annually with other nations
  • Texas is considered home to 58 Fortune 500 company headquarters, which is more than any other state
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2001, Texas has created more jobs than all other states combined

The Texas Triangle

Over 20 million residents live in the geographic triangle, inclusive of the City of Austin, that makes up the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Houston, and San Antonio. Thousands of fans will be traveling domestically and internationally via the following airports:

  • DFW International Airport
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • San Antonio International Airport

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